AMP is a multi-stakeholder co-operative. This means that all members have a share in the company and an equal vote. Representatives from each of the membership categories will sit on the board of directors.

By becoming a member you join a vibrant, active network of producers, clients, crew, trainees and other organisations working together to developing the media production industry in our area for our mutual benefit.

There are a number of ways to join Amp Cooperative.


As a producer member you will take an active role in commissioning, managing or creating products. Amp will give you access to a network of willing collaborators and potential clients. You will be bringing in funding to support your productions and develop the company.


You may well be a producer too, but perhaps you need more support to get your projects off the ground, you could be a student, a trainee or an entrepreneur. Amp will give you access to an extensive network of contacts and work experiences, opportunities to develop your skills, production support, mentoring and opportunities to progress.


You don’t have to be a member to be a client. But it helps. If you want to develop an ongoing relationship, you have production requirements on a regular basis, or your own business activities fit in with our aims and objectives you will benefit from becoming a member. As well as having a democratic voice in how we are run you will get a huge membership discount on all our services.


If you are paid by AmpWorcs to do work for us on a regular basis you should become a member. This will ensure that you get a say in how the organisation is run and a share of any dividends that are payable. You will also have access to other membership benefits.


If you don’t want to be directly involved in our production activities but you wish to support us in other ways you can still become a member and ensure that you have a say in how we put your vital support to good use.